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Worksite Investigation Before Operating Your Excav   
Message: For your safety, there is one important thing you should do before you operate your excavator. It is worksite investigation. The operator should pay attention to different aspects according to different worksite conditions. Here are some tips for you:

1.Excavator operation near flammable materials(e.g. dry tree leaves) poses a fire hazard. Becareful during operation. 2. Check the terrain and ground condition and use the safest operating method. Do notoperate in areas with the risk of landslide orfalling stones. Mini Diggers 3. Solidify the ground when operating beside a ditch or on road shoulders. Keep the excavatora safe distance away from the ditch or roadshoulder. Assign a signal man, when necessary, to avoid accidental injury. 4. When underground water mains, gas lines, cables or high-voltage electric wires areavailable on the work site, inform related utilities providers and mark the area. Be carefulnot to cut or damage any lines. Big Excavator 5. Prevent any unauthorized personnel from entering the worksite. Assign a signal manand fence the work site when operating an excavatoron ahighway. 6. Be especially alert when operating on frozen ground. Increase of ambient temperaturemay result in soft and slippery ground. 7. When traveling or operating the excavatorin shallow water or soft ground, check the type and conditionof rock bed as well as the depth and waterflow prior to operation. Small Excavator for Sale  
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