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Excavator Climbing Techniques   
Message: Observe the angle of the slope to make sure it is within the digger’s working range. mini excavator If the slope angle is too low, move the stuff on the top half to the bottom half to decrease the slope angle to make it easy to pass. Clear away the big stone on the steep slope, which will make the crawler belt slip and prevent the machine moving ahead. Lower the small excavator gravity center as much as possible, extend the forearm to the end and make the angle between the bucket bottom and the slope become 90°to prevent the machine falling down. Generally, the digger is pulled by the forearm to climb slope. Therefore, the machine may slip down if the forearm moves away the ground. medium excavator To avoid that circumstance, the bucket should dig deeply into the earth and firmly hold the ground to provide enough power for the machine to move forward.

Accidents easily happen in the excavator climbing process,so safety should come to the first.Hydraulic Excavator The machine should go down the slope with low speed and not make sudden turn, which will make the belt full of earth and stones to cause the crawler belt stuck. The bucket should touch the ground first in spite of big or small slope since the bucket can control the speed.What is more, fasten the belt firmly to make double insurance for the operator safety. Loaders for Sale  
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