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Dwight King Kings Jersey

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In order to make sure these tendons travel in a smooth manner, the body produces and coats the flexor tendons with synovial fluid, allowing the tendons to glide through the tunnel without difficulty. The problem occurs when a flexor tendon becomes damaged via direct trauma or repetitive stress Jeff Carter Kings Jersey , creating micro-tears in the tendon that result in swelling and accumulation of scar tissue as it heals. When the damaged area is continually stressed, it keeps accumulating scar tissue to repair itself, creating a nodule or fibrotic adhesion. As this area continues to generate scar tissue, it becomes larger, causing increased friction as it attempts to pass through the pulley system each time the fingers are moved. Even if the area of injury on the tendon has completely healed Jake Muzzin Kings Jersey , but has a nodule adhesion on it, each time the finger is flexed and extended, it is re-irritated and the swelling increases causing the nodule adhesion to enlarge and lock the finger into the palm of the hand. The reason the nodule adhesion will pass through the pulley system as the finger is flexed but not when it is extended is that the nodule adhesion is smaller on the front and larger on the back. This causes it to move through the pulley, but become stuck as the finger is brought back to a straight position.NOTE: Trigger Finger can also be caused by the following medical conditions: Rheumatoid Arthritis, gout and partial tendon lacerations. Trigger Finger may also be caused by an infection of the synovium Dwight King Kings Jersey , resulting in the scarring and formation of a nodule on the tendon. Trigger Finger can also be caused by a congenital defect that forms a nodule inside of the tendon.Treating Trigger Finger Injuries:Trigger finger can sometimes be treated with rest, activity modification and oral anti-inflammatory medications, or in more extreme instances, invasive procedures such as steroid injections and surgery are utilized. The most optimal measure in cases where the disorder is caused by direct trauma or repetitive overuse is the use of conservative therapy utilizing stretches and exercises to address the actual cause of the disorder, allowing the tendon sheath to return to its normal Dustin Brown Kings Jersey , pain-free condition.
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