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Operating Evaluation of SY215C-9 Excavator   

Several operators made comments on SY215C-9 like its strengthened boom and stability. crawler excavator The plates welded on the swing platform have been reinforced, enhancing its bending resistance performance. The appearance is elegant with a spacious cab where components are adjustable. large excavator The seat can adjust according to the operatorís weight and height. The operation isflexible with a comfortable hand lever. Therefore, it is suitable for earthmoving work. Excavator Machinery This excavator also boasts its low oil consumption thanks to its positive flow control hydraulic system. While the main shortage of this excavator is that it canít bear heavy work. When it is used to dig rockwork, the excavator canít operate well, which many say is due to its imbalance weight. Whatís more, after using some time, the boomís lifting rate slows down.  
Name: jack thomas  
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City: changsha 
Posted 08/11/2017 6:08 am 


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