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My daughter Cheap Kenneth Faried Jersey , age 9 years as of writing this essay, is the greatest thing in my life. I lost both of my parents early in life due to natural causes and just a couple years ago, reality started hitting me in the face. Hard! I’ve gained too much weight from eating badly and not burning off enough calories to make a difference. Or my train of thought went! My job is fairly strenuous and I compete in some sport activities, enough that I felt I should have stayed more at my ideal weight.

Enter the Stomach

A couple years ago I read an article on UK dietary studies that concluded that hot beverages, such as coffee and tea, and the high acidity of the western diet is severely crippling to the digestive flora in the human gut! We all know that we eat badly. Otherwise we would all look like Greek Gods!

A little research later and I had realized that unhealthy eating…abuse of the natural contents of my stomach and intestinal system, was leading to a poor digestive system. There was no longer enough flora and enzymatic agents present in my gut to digest my food properly!

How could I tell this was happening to me?

Then the Bloat

For years Cheap Jamal Murray Jersey , especially very recently, anything I ate seemed to stick around longer than it should. After I ate meals, especially those consisting of meat or heavy proteins, I would feel full for hours. Not just “not hungry”, but rather like I had swallowed a brick! I could sometimes point to my belly and tell my daughter exactly where my dinner was in my intestines! Most people who are Lactose intolerant can still eat Greek yogurt because when regular yogurt is strained to make the thick, creamy Greek-style yogurt, the Lactose runs out with the whey. It was just extra sugar Cheap Malik Beasley Jersey , nothing I needed and Greek yogurt tastes more mild, less tart because of the lack of whey. Win! Another benefit of Greek yogurt over regular is its higher protein level. The protein doesn’t leave the yogurt while the whey is being strained off, often leaving up to double the protein per serving! Winwin!

And then the diet!
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