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About Carmelo Anthonys poe currency

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PostPosted: 01/10/2018 4:21 am    Post subject: About Carmelo Anthonys poe currency     Reply to topic

About Carmelo Anthonys poe currency style of play and that damn Triangle offenseYes the cold war with Carmelo matters here too Dont forget that one of Jacksons first acts in New York was to resign Anthony to a fiveyear max deal with a notrade clause something that has ruined the Knicks options in terms of moving on from Melo in the years since Melo

takes flack for resigning in New York when he had opportunities to join better clubs Thats fair Anthony knew what the Knicks were But Jackson deserves similar flack for paying a player who didnt fit whatever grand design he has We all knew who Melo was Its not like Jackson arrived from outer space He coached against Melo for darn near a

decade in the Western ConferenceJacksons lack of vision is most troubling Does anyone know where the Knicks are headed at any given moment After Porzingis heartswelling rookie season it appeared New York would build organically around the Latvian even if it meant losing more games and slowly transitioning out of the Melocentric

era Instead Jackson spent his cheap poe currency summer signing Joakim Noah to the worst contract in the NBA four years $ million trading for a balldominant basket of troubles named Derrick Rose and signing veteran Courtney Lee Instead of focusing on the future Jackson bet on the now The Knicks are Melo is miserable Porzingis is confused and the fans are still

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